State Farm Insurance Tennessee Auto Accident Claims

It is likely you’ve heard the “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” jingle, along with dozens of other insurance company mottoes and commercials, if you watch any television at all. It can be difficult to distinguish insurance company promises from reality for most of us. After all, we faithfully pay our insurance premiums, month after month, expecting that when we need our insurance company, it really will be there. As an example, a driver is rear-ended by an irresponsible driver. Since Tennessee is a “fault” state, it would seem as though all that would be required is to call the police and then call the other person’s insurance company. Unfortunately, this scenario, as well as thousands just like it, can end up becoming a real nightmare for the driver who was not at fault in the accident.


In the state of Tennessee, some 20 percent of drivers have no auto insurance. If you carry uninsured/underinsured motorist, then you would assume you could simply file under your own insurance, and—since it is your insurance company—your medical expenses and auto damages will be taken care of. Unfortunately, it may not be quite this simple. You may end up experiencing a significant level of grief as you attempt to have your vehicle repaired and your injuries attended to. Insurance companies—even your own—have little interest in paying you the full amount for your claim, and, in fact, will probably do everything within their powers to avoid paying the full amount.


How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Claims

By the time the entire thing is over, you may walk away still having to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket for an accident which was not your fault. Insurance companies have many “tricks” they routinely use to avoid paying the full value of a claim. They may simply ignore you as long as possible until you are so buried in medical expenses you will accept a low settlement. They may ask for your medical records, then turn around and say your injuries are actually from a prior issue rather than the auto accident.


They may ask for a recorded statement (which you are under no obligation to accept) then take one of your statements out of context and deny your claim on that basis. The insurance company could also offer you a quick—but very low—settlement. Many people will take a low offer because they fear it will be the best offer they will get. Whatever your particular situation, having an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney by your side can help ensure you receive the full value of your claim, and that you don’t make an innocent mistake which can cost you hundreds, or thousands of dollars.


State Farm History

State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. As an interesting “claim to fame,” the State Farm jingle was written in 1971 by singer/songwriter, Barry Manilow. State Farm was founded in 1922 by a retired farm and insurance salesman, G.J. Mecherle, who had a vision of an insurance company that provided more for its policyholders. Although State Farm started out selling only auto insurance, today the company offers almost 100 products and services, and handles nearly 35,000 claims per day. State Farm was instrumental in getting our current seat belt laws passed, and continues to fight for seat belt safety as well as teen driver safety. Today,


State Farm is ranked 35th on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies, and insures more automobiles and homes than any other insurance company. State Farm is also the #1 insurer of life insurance policies, and, as of June, 2016, had 84.1 million policies in force. Unfortunately, State Farm also receives more than its share of consumer complaints as compared to other insurance companies. State Farm does offer some innovative programs such as Drive Safe and Save, The Steer Clear Program, and even Rideshare Insurance.


When You are Injured from a Side Impact Auto Accident

A side-impact auto accident is also known as a “T-bone” accident, and is one in which the front of one vehicle crashes squarely into the side of another. T-bone accidents most often occur at intersections. Drivers who attempt to “beat” a yellow light, or who simply don’t stop at a stop or yield sign, are the ones most likely to T-bone another vehicle. Side impact auto accidents are likely to cause serious injuries, as there is little protection for a driver or passenger who is hit from the side (other than side impact airbags in newer, higher-end vehicles). In many instances, when one driver T-bones another, the vehicle which is hit can spin around, potentially hitting other vehicles, or being hit by other vehicles. Side-impact auto accidents can cause fractured bones, brain trauma, serious back and neck injuries, and even paralysis.


How Martinson & Beason Can Help

If you have been injured in a T-bone accident—or any other type of car accident—the attorneys of Martinson & Beason want to help you. We understand this is a very difficult time. You may have serious injuries, through no fault of your own, and could even be unable to return to work because of those injuries. This can result in medical bills piling up as well as your regular monthly obligations going unpaid while the insurance company attempts to avoid payment altogether, or pay you an extremely low amount for your claim.

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Further, you must also be concerned about the statute of limitations in the state of Tennessee, which is shorter than most—one year from the date of your motor vehicle accident. Our top-rated car accident attorneys will work hard on your behalf to secure an equitable settlement which will fully cover your injuries, as well as your lost wages, pain and suffering and the damages to your vehicle. We will also ensure your claim is filed in a timely manner, within the statute of limitations window. If you are looking for compassion for your injuries, as well as an experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive litigator and/or negotiator, call Martinson & Beason today.