Melanie Pickens

“Mr. Lilienthal took our case after another lawyer said we had no case. He made everything very easy for us, even came to our house so that my elderly mother didn’t have to travel to his office! He kept us informed the entire time. He was a master at working with my mom. She is hard of hearing and often doesn’t understand things. Mr. Lilienthal always made the effort to include her in decisions, making sure she understood what was going on, and preparing her for what might happen in a trial. Mom was especially nervous about the deposition but he spent a lot of time going over possible questions so that when the deposition happened, she did a great job. He was always polite to both of us and was a true professional. In the end, our case was settled through mediation. However, Mr. Lilienthal was prepared to go to court. He did extensive research in her case and his deposition of the defendants was outstanding. I was so impressed! At no time did he encourage my mom to do anything that was uncomfortable to her. He gave her his advice during the mediation but it was left up to us in the end to decide if a settlement was in her best interest. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a fantastic lawyer. He is sharp, intelligent, and very nice-and I would not want to be the attorney who goes up against him!”