“I came to be represented by Mr. Lilienthal following a motor vehicle accident involving multiple vehicles. As a military service member, I was looking for an attorney that had represented military personnel before. Martinson and Beason’s web site showed them to be familiar with the military and, specifically, the military medical system to include their peculiar billing system. Agreeing to represent me, Mr. Lilienthal and his team developed a sound approach to handling this complex case. In most cases, I was provided updates on my case by Morris personally. When I had called to speak with Mr. Lillienthal and he was unavailable, I would always receive a call back from him within 24 hours. Hindered by the fact that one of the key witnesses spoke very little English, they coordinated for the use of a trusted interpreter in order to depose them. The resultant testimony of that witness and several other key witnesses following my deposition by the defendants attorney at the Martinson and Beason law offices ended with an award in my favor. The agreed-to fees were fair and, in my opinion, were below industry norms.”