“Morris was able to get me a quick settlement after being injured by someone who was “Texting while Driving”.

I was stopped on the interstate due to traffic in August of 2009, when someone was texting while driving and did not see the stopped traffic ahead. That person slammed into the SUV behind me doing at least 55mph, and smashed my small convertible between the large SUV and a truck in front of me, totaling it. I was very lucky that I didn’t take the direct impact, and that the truck in front of me was light weight, since it came up my hood and eventually slid back down. I sustained head and neck injuries and had to undergo months of therapy and treatments. I had a pre-existing condition that made my case difficult, but Morris did an excellent job in bringing a settlement from the at fault party’s insurance company. He told me exactly what to expect, kept me informed during the entire process, and was able to get what I considered a very reasonable sum of money for the damages. All in all, I was very surprised at the speed we were able to settle, and how easy it was for me. (I really didn’t have to do much — Morris and his staff took care of everything, which was a big relief.) I would definitely recommend Morris to anyone needing an injury lawyer. Especially now that these “texting while driving” cases are becoming more and more prevalent.”