Near-Death Prompts Bike Safety Invention

Child riding bicycle | Bicycle Accident Lawyer | Huntsville, ALThree years ago, parents Dave and Judith Meyer were enjoying a cookout with friends while their son, Luke, rode his bike in the front yard.

When Luke wrecked his bike, his parents—like any normal parents—examined him to make sure he was okay. He didn’t have any outward signs that he had been seriously injured. He stopped crying after a while, so they put him to rest in bed.

But the next morning, Luke was still in pain, with a fever, chills, and a racing heartbeat. [Read more...]

Truck Driver Charged, Wal-Mart Sued for Accident that Injured Tracy Morgan

Semi truck | Car Accident Lawyer | Huntsville, ALIn June, Tracy Morgan made news, not for his comedy tour or his work on “30 Rock” or “Saturday Night Live,” but for the injuries he sustained during a serious car accident caused by a semi truck driver.

According to ABC News, police believe that the truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

New Jersey State Police Sgt. First Class Gregory Williams said, “Driver failed to observe slow-moving traffic ahead. He observed at the last minute—just prior to impact—the limo bus carrying Morgan and his party.” [Read more...]

Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower from Huntsville’s Marshall Space Flight Center

meteor showerWhen was the last time you looked up at the stars? Really, truly looked, letting the majesty of infinite space sink in?

Just like most of us don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses, few of us take the time to look at the stars. However, it’s time to start—and there has never been a better opportunity this year.

Tonight, the Perseid meteor shower, one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year, will peak overhead. After dark, be sure to put on a few extra lawyers, grab a blanket, and set up camp outside to view an amazing show. The shower is projected to peak around 3-4 a.m. [Read more...]

Lou Reed’s “Unfinished” Estate Plan

Lou Reed | Estate Planning Lawyer | Huntsville, ALSadly, Lou Reed—lead singer and guitarist of The Velvet Undergound and successful solo musician—passed away late last year. It has recently come to light that his estate plan was lacking important provisions that would have better protected his family.

Reed joins many other prominent public figures whose inadequate estate planning has led to potential losses, including Michael Jackson, James Gandolfini, James Brown, and others. [Read more...]

Free Tickets! Marion Meadows at the Three Caves

Marion Meadows

Are you ready for another Martinson & Beason, PC giveaway?  We’ve got more concert tickets to give away to some Huntsville jazz lovers.  Marion Meadows, a world famous smooth jazz recording artist and saxophonist, will perform at the beautiful Three Caves venue this Saturday, August 9th, at 7pm.  We’ve got three sets of two tickets to give to some lucky Facebook users.  All you have to do is share our Facebook post about the event to be entered in the drawing.

We will announce the winner on Thursday, August 7th, and the tickets can be picked up at our Huntsville location during office hours on Friday, August 8th.  Get jazzed! Learn more about the event here.

Celebrate the End of Summer with These Events

Huntsville farmers marketBefore the summer finishes winding down and the kids go back to school, take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the many outdoor events that Huntsville has to offer!

This month, downtown Huntsville is putting on events for all ages and interests. Here are just a few:

Thursday Night Bikes: No bike? No problem! Borrow a bike and explore downtown, Twickenham, Old Town, or Five Points. The bike is completely free to borrow: simply register at the borrow station at Greene Street Market. There are only ten free bikes available, so make sure to get there early! [Read more...]

How to Stay Safe This Motorcycle Season

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Huntsville, AL | Martinson & Beason, P.C.We’re well into summer, and many people are enjoying the nice weather by riding their motorcycles.

If you are one of them, we want you to stay safe.

Despite ideal riding conditions, the number of accidents that occur during the summer is high. This is partly because of the increased traffic on the road, particularly around the holidays.

A recent article in Consumer Reports offers great tips for both new and returning riders. [Read more...]

GM Receives $35 Million Fine for Botching Recall

Chevy Cobalt | Car Accident Lawyer | AlabamaGeneral Motors has been in the news in recent months because of its appalling mishandling of its ignition switch defect and recall.

The defect in the ignition switch of several different GM vehicles, including the Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac Solstice, and Saturn Ion, allowed the switch to move from the “On” position into “Off” or “Accessory” mode if the key was too heavy. This put drivers in danger, as the defect could disable the airbags, anti-lock brakes, and power steering while the car is in motion.

In fact, the GM ignition switch defect has been clearly linked to the deaths of 13 people and dozens more accidents. [Read more...]

The Economic Costs of a Car Accident

Serious Car Wreck | Personal Injury Lawyer | Huntsville, AL | Martinson & Beason, P.C.Car accidents can be expensive: there’s no doubt about that. If the accident was your fault, you have to pay your deductible, and your insurance premiums will likely increase. Even if the accident was someone else’s fault, you may have to pay to have your car towed, and you may have medical bills from accident-related injuries.

These are just the costs associated with the individuals involved in the car accident: the costs to the U.S. economy as a whole are much, much higher. [Read more...]

Pregnancy May Increase Your Risk of a Car Crash

Pregnancy Increases Risk of Car Crash | Huntsville, AL Lawyer | Martinson & Beason, P.C.The list of things to avoid when you are pregnant can seem endless: sushi, deli meat, some soft cheeses, caffeine, ibuprofen, hot tubs, roller coasters, flying, etc.

Now, you may want to add another thing to the list: driving.

A recent Canadian study found that expectant mothers are more likely to get in a car accident. According to the study, the risk is greatest in the woman’s second trimester and decreases in the third trimester. [Read more...]