A Car Accident in Mobile Has Claimed The Life of an 8 yr old Child

A tragic car wreck in Mobile, AL has claimed the life of 8 year-old Tyler Autry. A local Mobile TV station is reporting that Tyler and his mother were crossing the street when they were both struck by a Toyota Camry that also hit two parked cars. Tyler’s mother is still in the hospital. Mobile police are investigating this matter but do not believe alcohol or speed played a factor in this crash. However, the driver of the Camry, Kathy Gafford , was arrested following the wreck for giving police a false name.

As Mobile car accident attorneys, we too often see wrecks where a car strikes a pedestrian. According to the Alabama Department of Public Safety, in 2008 there were 468 pedestrians injured in car wrecks in Alabama. From 2007 to 2008, the number of pedestrian fatalities increased 4.3%. In 2008, there were 72 pedestrian fatalities in Alabama.