Alabama Accident Victims Likely to Benefit from New Trauma System

Ambulance - Alabama injuryA new Alabama trauma system is being evaluated for 11 west Alabama counties.  The hope is that this new trauma system will streamline the process of getting critically injured people the best possible treatment in the fastest possible manner.  According to a report, trauma from car accidents, falls, and shootings is the number 1 killer of people between ages 1 and 44.  It is important that critically injured people receive treatment within a 60 minute window or their chances for survival greatly diminish.

According to this report, twice as many accidents occur in cities compared with rural areas; however, the death rate from accidents in rural areas is twice as high because of delays in getting care.  When the system is implemented it will classify hospitals as level 1, 2, or 3 trauma centers. A hospital with more equipment, surgeons and specialists will be classified at a higher level than a hospital with fewer resources.  For example, when EMS arrives on scene at an Alabama car accident the paramedic would report the victim’s condition to the operator who would then classify that patient and use a computer system to determine the closest hospital with the best ability to care for that person.  In addition, hospitals would be able to set their status as red or green to alert dispatchers whether certain surgeons or specialists were available.

This system was implemented in Birmingham in 1996 and since that time the trauma death rate has decreased 12 percent. As Huntsville Alabama Car Accident Attorneys it is our hope that this system will be implemented statewide giving each Alabama accident vicitim the best possible chance for survival.