Alabama Car Accident and Alabama Truck Accident Personal Injury Checklist

Alabama Car Accidentcar accident or truck accident can be a very scary and unnerving experience. It is critical that personal injury victims take the proper steps following a motor vehicle accident to gather and preserve evidence to enable them to obtain the maximum compensation they deserve. The following is a checklist for Alabama personal injury victims:

The Accident Scene:

• Call the police
• Exchange information with the other driver, such as: name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, tag number, and insurance information.
• Gather the names and contact information for any witnesses
• If possible photograph the vehicles and scene of the accident

Following the Accident:

• If injured, seek immediate medical attention
• Notify your insurance carrier
• Photograph your vehicle
• Photograph any injuries
• Keep a log of your medical treatment to help document your daily recovery and pain and suffering
• Keep a log of all out of pocket expenses such as co-pays, prescriptions, and lost wages
• Keep all bills, receipts and documents associated with your vehicle’s damage and repair
• Obtain a copy of the accident report

Other Key Points:

• Never admit fault to the other driver or police officer immediately after the accident
• Diligently follow through with all medical treatment and care
• Do not speak with anyone from the other driver’s insurance company or their attorney without first contacting an experienced Alabama Personal Injury Attorney
• Retain copies of all documents, bills, medical records, etc…