Alabama Man Loses Finger in Overly Excited Horse Incident

fingerChalk this up to one bizarre series of unfortunate events. News reports reveal that a man from Cullman County, Alabama has filed suit against his brother after losing the lion’s share of his index finger in a Huntsville accident involving a spooked horse.

The man who lost the finger, Timothy Upton from Joppa, AL, filed the lawsuit last week in the Madison County Circuit Court against his brother, Bobby Upton. The suit relates to an accident which took place back in June of this year.

Over the summer Timothy had come over to Bobby’s house in Huntsville. Timothy claims that Bobby had a horse and was experiencing problems with the horse trailer’s taillights. Bobby then supposedly told Timothy that he needed to leave the property soon to go horseback riding and was really hoping to have the trailer fixed in time.

Timothy agreed to stay and try to fix the taillights so the horse could be transported safely in the trailer. Bobby then left Timothy alone with the horse while he went to an auto parts store to get the necessary equipment to fix the taillights. Timothy continued working on the trailer while the horse in question remained tied up close by. Once his work was complete, Timothy decided to untie the horse and lead it to the trailer.

The documents filed with the court indicate that Bobby unfortunately chose that moment to return home. When he did, he drove close to where Timothy was leading the horse into the trailer. The horse was apparently easily excited and responded to the noise of the approaching vehicle by trying to violently shake free of Timothy. All this commotion caused the rope that Timothy was holding to tighten around his index finger until a large portion of literally popped off.

Timothy’s lawsuit claims that Bobby was negligent in his conduct and says that Timothy suffered permanent disability and disfigurement due to his brother’s actions. He also lists medical, prescription and physical therapy bills that need to be paid along with future medical expenses associated with his injury.

Though it’s likely that few other readers have experienced the misfortune of having a finger pulled off by their brother’s overly excited horse, personal injuries of many varieties happen all too often. No matter what the circumstances are, if you’ve been injured in an Alabama personal injury incident, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Huntsville injury attorneys who will fight to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our skilled Alabama injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

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