Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer Guide to the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process – Part Four

Trial Preparation:

Preparing for trial requires lots of hard work and dedication even for the experienced Alabama personal injury attorney. In addition to preparing for each witness at trial, a personal injury attorney and his/her staff often must prepare many legal pleadings and motions that need to be filed in advance or at the time of trial in order to give their client the best chance of prevailing. These legal pleadings include: witness and exhibit lists, motions in limine, issue subpoenas, trial briefs, and jury charges to name a few. In addition to preparing these documents an injury attorney and his/her staff must also spend time preparing its witnesses and preparing to strike the jury (voir dire).

A witness and exhibit list is exactly what it sounds like a list of each of the exhibits and witnesses a party intends to introduce into evidence and call to testify at trial. Typically, a witness and exhibit list has to be filed with the Court within 30 days prior to trial. Once this list is filed with the Court, the opposing party will then be given an opportunity to object to a particular witness or exhibit.

A motion in limine is a document that is filed with the court in an attempt by one party to prevent the other party from mentioning, referencing or introducing into evidence a certain fact or facts that in the filling party’s opinion is not relevant to the issue(s) at hand and would typically be very prejudicial against that party if brought out at trial.

This trial preparation is a vital part of the trial process and can often make the difference in the jury’s decision. Consequently, it is critical when selecting an attorney that you hire an experienced Huntsville Alabama personal injury law firm.