Alabama’s Non-Profit Millionaires

Non-Profit doesn’t have to mean penniless, as recent reporting from and the Wall Street Journal informs us. In fact, over 2,700 individuals from across the United States received compensation from a non-profit in excess of $1 million during 2014, the last year consistent data is available. In Alabama, there were 13 non-profit officers, directors, or employees who topped the $1 million mark in total compensation.

Perhaps not surprisingly, those earning over $1 million from non-profits in Alabama were heavily clustered in the healthcare industry. Of the 13 Alabamians to make the list, 11 worked as hospital administrators or doctors. It’s worth noting that Huntsville Hospital System is a publicly owned not-for-profit, and salary information was not included in the research. Crestwood Hospital, a for-profit medical center, is also not included.

Even though healthcare dominated the list, the highest paid non-profit officer or employee was Southeastern Conference Commissioner Michael Slive. His base salary for 2014 was $3.56 million and total compensation was $3.66 million. The other non-healthcare officer who made the list is Jesse Thomas, who is Director of United Family Services Outreach in Montgomery.

Of the non-profit millionaires in Alabama, nine live in Birmingham, two live in Mobile, and two live in Montgomery. No one from Huntsville or north Alabama made the list. Even large or noteworthy Huntsville non-profits like the Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville Hospital Foundation, and Huntsville Emergency Medical Services pay key employees well below $300,000, even though each of those organizations has revenues and assets in the multi-millions.

Tax-exempt organizations must make their annual 990 tax returns available for public inspection In order to keep tax-free status. To search additional 990 returns, use this tool from the Economic Research Institute.