Bicycle Safety Reminder

Bicycle SafetyMore people are riding bicycles for transportation and recreation today than ever before. Many towns and cities now have free or affordable rent-a-bike programs. As more places open up roadways that were once the exclusive domain of cars and trucks, bicyclists and motorists are sure to cross paths.

Unfortunately, one Huntsville area man was struck by a car on University Drive on July 12th , according to reports by WHNT News 19. While the extent of the man’s injuries are still unknown, any accident between a motor vehicle and a bicyclist is potentially life-threatening. This particular accident occurred in the evening after dark. All westbound lanes were closed for nearly an hour. The accident is another sober reminder of the importance of alert driving – and to always be on the lookout for other people on the road.

Every year in America, about 50,000 people are injured in a bicycle accident. Of those, about 700 result in a fatality. Motorists must share the road with bicyclists, as is the law of the land. This means slowing down when approaching a cyclist and being mindful of the bicycle’s limitations. There are certain things bikers must do as well. In the eyes of the law, bicycles are vehicles which means they must follow the same traffic laws and move in the same direction as motor vehicle traffic. Bicyclists should also be on the lookout for distracted or intoxicated drivers. When cyclists are moving in a group, the safest way to proceed is single file.

Most bike accidents occur in urban settings where cyclists, motor vehicles and pedestrians compete for space. If a driver becomes distracted for even a second, a serious injury can occur. If the accident occurs as the result of the driver’s negligence, a lawsuit likely will entail.

Another hazard for bicyclists is an improperly maintained roadway. Because bikes have much more difficulty navigating over potholes, manhole covers, railroad tracks, and other road obstacles, accidents can and do occur. If an accident occurs on a public roadway that has been negligently maintained, the city or county government may be liable.

For more information on bike accidents, check out our page here. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident due to a driver’s negligence or an improperly maintained road, consider contacting an experienced cyclist attorney today. At Martinson & Beason, P.C., bicycle cases are typically handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless we help you prevail on your claim.