Checklist For Hiring an Alabama Personal Injury Attorney

The process of selecting an Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer or Alabama Wrongful Death Attorney following an accident is an extremely important decision. For most people, selecting an Alabama Injury Attorney can seem very intimidating with so many attorneys to choose from. This article is intended to aid the accident victim and their family in their search for an attorney.

Questions to consider and pose to potential personal injury attorneys:

  • What is your experience in this field?
  • Have you handled matters like mine?
  • Do you have the resources to pay for depositions, hire experts and to go to trial?
  • Will you handle my case or will you refer it to another attorney?
  • Do you have any experience with the court system and judge where my case will be filed?
  • Have you been peer reviewed by any service such as Martindale Hubbell?
  • Can you provide me with any references from past clients and other attorneys?
  • Are you a member of any trial lawyer associations such as the Alabama Association for Justice or the American Association for Justice?
  • What type of contingency fee would you charge in a case of this type?
  • Do you keep your clients informed of the progress of their case?
  • Who else in the office will be working on my case?

These are all questions an accident victim should have answers to before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

The experienced Huntsville Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys at Martinson and Beason, P.C. have over 140 years of combined experience representing Alabama accident victims. If you or a loved one need the assistance of a skilled and accomplished Alabama Injury Attorney call the lawyers at Martinson and Beason for a free confidential consultation at 1-800-255-6534.