Collisions with Tree Leaves One Huntsville Woman Dead

Collision with treeAccording to a report by the Huntsville Times, a woman recently died at Huntsville Hospital following a Huntsville single car accident off of Airport Road when her car struck a tree, according to Huntsville police spokesman Harry Hobbs.

Hobbs would not release the woman’s name due to her family still awaiting notification. Huntsville police believe that the accident occurred following a medical emergency by the driver. All that police would say is that in the middle of the day a woman in a blue Ford Escort was driving west on Airport Road near the Huntsville Fire and Rescue entrance close to Jaycee Way when her vehicle left the road and hit a tree on the soccer field, Hobbs said.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident. The woman was transported to Huntsville Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Though a medical emergency appears to be the cause, police are continuing to investigate the accident.

According to data from the Federal Highway Administration, single vehicle collisions with trees account for nearly 25% of all fixed-object accidents each year and result in somewhere around 3,000 deaths. This means that accidents involving trees account for approximately 48% of all fixed-object fatalities. Some of the other major causes of highway fatalities include guardrails and roadside utility poles.

Trees can pose a danger for drivers, even those not afflicted with medical emergencies as appears to have been the case here. Government has a duty to remove such dangerous obstacles from the roadway and any areas near the road to ensure safety for drivers. Trees can pose special dangers and local officials must recognize this or face liability for ignoring apparent risks.

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Source: “Woman dies at Huntsville Hospital following wreck by Airport Road,” by Sarah Cure, published at