Join Us for a Diaper Shower

Join Martinson & Beason, P.C. in collecting diapers for families in need! The firm is teaming up with Rocket City Mom, WHNT News 19 and the Food Bank of North Alabama for the Great Diaper Drive 2017. As part of the Great Diaper Drive, Martinson & Beason will host a diaper shower October 13th from 9:00-5:00. We’re asking attorneys, staff, and clients to help us collect diapers for the new Diaper Bank at the Food Bank of North Alabama.

Martinson & Beason shares Rocket City Mom’s commitment to ensuring every baby has a clean diaper. With diapers and wipes averaging about $100 a month for a baby, the cost can quickly deplete the limited resources of low-income families in our area.

Many are also surprised to learn that diapers are not covered by government assistance programs. Unfortunately, because of this, some families are forced to reuse disposable diapers or leave babies in wet diapers, leading to poor sanitation and health. You may be wondering why not cloth diapers. This year’s drive focuses on disposable diapers because the vast majority of daycare centers require disposable diapers and many low-income families have limited access to cleaning facilities.

In addition to Martinson & Beason’s diaper shower October 13, diapers can be dropped off at any Madison County Wal-Mart between October 9th and 20th. Rocket City Mom is hosting a Diaper Blitz Day on Thursday, October 19th at the Madison Wal-Mart on Highway 20. If you’re interested in hosting Diaper Shower for your group, check out this resource page.