The abuse and exploitation of elderly individuals is certainly not a recent phenomenon. According to Alabama’s Adult Protective Services, there were approximately 840 reported cases of elderly abuse in 2004. In fact, Elder Abuse Daily, an organization with the sole purpose is to increase awareness of Elder Abuse, estimated that in 2009, there were 95,300 cases of elder abuse out of approximately 862,786 elderly adults in Alabama alone.

Now, a study from Cornell University’s medical college suggests that the cases of elder abuse and exploitation are far greater than initially expected. The study suggests that for every case of elder abuse that is officially reported, 23.5 cases went unreported. For each case of financial abuse of elders reported, 43.9 cases actually occurred.

These are alarming statistics! Physical and financial abuse of the elderly is occurring every day in Huntsville and throughout the state of Alabama. It occurs through undue influence, duress, and manipulation which often goes unnoticed for months or even years. The experienced Huntsville nursing home attorneys and probate attorneys of Martinson & Beason P.C. represent the elderly and their family members in combating these abuses. If you know a loved one who may be a victim to financial abuse, physical abuse, exploitation, or simply neglect, email us at info@mblawhsv.com or call our Huntsville Lawyers at Martinson & Beason, P.C. at 1-800-255-6534.