Madison County Teenager Dies in One Car Wreck

A single car accident north of Huntsville, Alabama has tragically claimed the life of 19 year old Amy Sharpe. The initial investigation revealed the driver lost control of her car and struck a pole. While no other car appears to be involved in this accident, many areas should be investigated to determine what factors played a role in this awful accident. Often, single car accidents can be caused by some defect in the car itself. For example, a defective tire or steering mechanism on the vehicle could have caused the driver to loose control. Or, the vehicle could have hydroplaned as a result of a defective paving job on the highway. While many car accidents are not caused by a defective condition on a vehicle, the injuries that result from a car accident are often enhanced by some defective condition on the vehicle. For example, a vehicle’s air bag or seat belt system could fail during an accident causing the occupants to suffer more severe injuries than they would have suffered if the safety equipment had functioned as designed. When these components fail a product liability lawsuit can be brought against the manufacturer of these products. As Alabama car accident attorneys, we thoroughly investigate each motor vehicle accident case to determine what caused the subject accident and whether any defective component on the vehicle contributed to cause the accident or injuries suffered by our client.