M&B files Trucking Accident Lawsuit

Truck accident attorney Morris Lilienthal has filed a personal injury lawsuit in Blount County, Alabama Circuit Court arising out of an August 2010 truck wreck that occurred on Interstate 65. It is alleged that the driver of the 18 wheeler was texting while he was driving and as a result did not see that traffic was stopped due to construction. As a result, the driver of the tractor trailer, struck ten (10) other vehicles before coming to a rest. Our client was driving one of the vehicles that was struck in this massive wreck. Our client suffered multiple injuries including a herniated disc in his neck, which required surgical intervention.

The complaint sets forth claims for negligence, wantonness and punitive damages against the driver and the trucking company. The complaint also sets forth claims for negligent hiring, training and supervision, as well as negligent entrustment. The truck accident lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages. We are hopeful that we will be able to return a judgment in this case that will send a message that this type of irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated on Alabama’s highways.