Opelika Car Wreck Claims Life of Atlanta Georgia Resident

A single car accident on I-85 in Opelika, Alabama (Lee County) killed an Atlanta resident and severely injured another. The auto accident is the first fatality in Lee County in 2010 and occurred in the early hours of the morning. According to reports, the vehicle went into a ravine and overturned and trapped the occupants. At some point the vehicle burst into flames. Currently, it is not clear what caused the motor vehicle accident. When most individuals are involved in a single car accident they don’t believe they have any legal recourse. While in many instances this may be true, there are numerous other examples where a single car accident can be the result of someone else’s negligent conduct. For example, if another vehicle runs a car off the road causing an accident and the other vehicle flees the scene the injured party can still have a legal claim under Alabama’s uninsured motorist laws. Further, a person’s injuries in an accident can be enhanced by the failure of a safety device such as an air bag, seat belt, or brakes. In these types of situations a products liability lawsuit can be brought. Thus, if you have been involved in a single car accident you should contact an experienced Alabama car accident lawyer to determine your legal rights.