Personal Injury Lawsuit for Patron Injured by Stripper’s Shoe Settles for $650,000

A personal injury lawsuit against a strip club near West Palm Beach, Florida has settled. The plaintiff was a patron at the club when a dancer struck him in the face while she was dancing. The blow caused the dancer’s shoe to puncture the man’s eye socket. As a result of this incident, the plaintiff suffered broken bones around his nose and face and permanent double vision. As a result of these injuries, the plaintiff had to undergo several surgeries and incur extensive medical bills.

This case is a prime example of one in which if you hear someone sued a strip club for getting kicked by a dancer and obtained over a half million dollar settlement you would think – FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT. However, with a clear understanding of the facts, it can be seen that this was a situation where the plaintiff suffered significant life altering injuries as a result of the club’s negligence.