Scottsboro Alabama Car Accident Leads to $130,000 Settlement for Martinson and Beason, P.C. Clients

Alabama injury attorney Doug Martinson, Sr., recently settled a lawsuit in which our clients were involved in a car wreck in Scottsboro, Alabama (Jackson County). Our clients, a father and his three children were crossing over Hwy 72 when the defendant driver ran a red light striking the plaintiff’s vehicle. Sadly, the wife/mother was following behind her husband’s vehicle in her own car and was forced to helplessly watch the severe impact. As a result of this automobile accident, the father suffered multiple injuries, including: a broken back, broken ribs, and an injury to his left elbow. One of the children was also severely injured, suffering a left hip fracture and pelvic ring fracture. The other two children also suffered minor injuries as a result of this car accident. After suit was filed in Circuit Court in Jackson, County, Alabama a total settlement was reached for all Plaintiffs’ in the amount of $130,000.00. This settlement comprised the policy limits from the defendant and the policy limits from the Plaintiffs’ underinsured motorist carrier. As Alabama Car Accident Attorneys, we are always pleased when we are able to make a satisfactory recovery on behalf of such worthy clients.

It should be noted that since this settlement involved a minor, Alabama law requires that the minor’s settlement be approved by the Court. This type of approval is done through what is known as a Pro-Ami Settlement Hearing. Typically, the parties will petition the Court for a Pro-Ami Hearing and the Court will in turn appoint an attorney known as a Guardian Ad Litem on behalf of the minor Plaintiff to review the case and determine if the settlement is in the best interest of the minor Plaintiff. Ultimately, a hearing is held and the Court will hear evidence from the Guardian Ad Litem, and the parties and then either approve or disapprove the minor’s settlement.