Sumter County Alabama Bus Car Accident Kills One

A wreck between a school bus and car near York Alabama (Sumter County) has claimed the life of the driver of the car. The car accident occurred when the driver of the car struck the front end of the bus killing the car’s driver and injuring several students on board the school bus. According to reports, several students were transported to hospitals in Demopolis and York. Sumter County is located in west Alabama and has about 15,000 people. In 2007, there were 336 automobile accidents in Sumter County, Alabama, 152 people were injured in these wrecks. Further, 10 people were killed in car and truck accidents in Sumter County in 2007. Livingston is the county seat of Sumter County and the home of the University of West Alabama. In 2007, there were 76 car and truck accidents in Livingston, Alabama, 22 people were injured in these accidents.