Truck Accident Claims 4 Lives in Tuscaloosa County

A tragic car v. truck accident has claimed the lives of two teachers and two young children. The wreck occurred on US Highway 82 In Tuscaloosa County near the Pickens County line. This area of US 82 is a 4 lane highway and early reports indicate a third vehicle may have run a stop sign on a road that intersects with US 82 causing a the 18 wheeler to try and avoid that vehicle causing it to come over onto the vehicle the teachers and children were riding in. As a result of this awful accident, LeWanna Nettles, 59, her sister Stephanie Nettles Barnes, 54, and two children 2 and 8 were killed. Ms. Nettles was a current teacher at Aliceville High School and sister Ms. Barnes had retired from teaching at Aliceville the year before. This is truly a tragic loss for their family, friends and Aliceville High School. As a native of Pickens County (Morris Lilienthal) and the husband of someone who taught at Aliceville Middle for eight years I know that a loss like this will hit this community hard; however, I also know that this communities closeness will bring people together to help them overcome this great loss. Our condolences and prayers go out to victims families and friends.