Truck Accidents Hope to be Reduced by Texting Ban

Texting and Driving Ban Hopes to Reduce Car Accidents - Martinson & Beason, P.C.A new federal ban on texting by the DOT hopes to reduce Trucking Accidents. The DOT announced on 1/26/10 a new federal guidelinebanning texting while driving commercial motor vehicles. The federal ban goes into effect immediately and applies to drivers of 18 wheelers who driver in interstate commerce and drivers of commercial buses and vans who carry more than eight passengers. Truckers who violate the new texting ban are subject to civil or criminal penalties of up to $2,750.00.

The state of Alabama is also trying to reduce the number Alabama trucking accidents by passing a state law banning texting while driving. The bill has already cleared the Alabama House of Representatives and if the bill passes the Senate it would become law and ban drivers of all vehicles from texting while driving.

As a part of its campaign to reduce the number of car and truck wrecks due to distracted drivers, the DOT has launched a new website at According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, drivers who text while driving are more than 30 times more likely to be in a wreck than non-distracted drivers.