Unusual Alabama Truck Accident Leads to Death of Birmingham Man

Prattville Truck AccidentBirmingham, Alabama man was killed when his car was traveling the wrong way on Interstate 65 in Prattville and collided with an 18-wheeler. The truck accident occurred around 5 am and Alabama State Troopers aren’t sure why the driver of the car was driving the wrong way on the interstate but blood samples from the victim could provide some answers. It’s possible the driver of the car could have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s also possible the driver could have gotten on to the interstate the wrong way. It’s certainly a tragic accident that could have easily been avoided.

As Alabama Truck Accident Attorneys, this is not the typical truck wreck; however, it does have the typical result. Due to their large size, accidents involving 18-wheelers often have deadly results. In 2007, there were 8,809 accidents that involved trucks in Alabama. Of these truck wrecks there were 2,202 injuries. There were 136 fatalities in Alabama truck accidents in 2007.