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It seems that auto insurance advertisements are everywhere—on the television, on the radio and on billboards. Everywhere you turn, an insurance company advertisement is assuring you they are your friend, you are in good hands, and they will “be there” for you in the event you have a car accident. You may actually believe these advertisements are true. After all, you pay your premiums like clockwork, and have done so for months, years, or even decades. You have a right to expect your insurance company will return the favor if you should be involved in an auto accident.


Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. These friendly advertisements are designed to keep you from viewing your insurance company as what it actually is—a huge corporation with an eye on their financial bottom line. When you need your insurance company the most, it may be doing its best to prevent you from getting the medical treatments you need, or from having your vehicle repaired in the manner it should be. It is important to remember that just because you are required to have auto insurance, you are not required to allow the insurance company to completely dictate the terms of your claim. Having an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney by your side will ensure you will be treated more fairly by the insurance company.

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About Progressive Insurance

Some have called Progressive Insurance a visionary which has led the charge for change among the industry. Progressive opened its doors in 1937, and is now the largest insurer of private auto insurance. Progressive was the first insurance company to work hard to settle claims quickly, via the industry’s first drive-in claims office, opened also in 1937. Progressive introduced its Safe Driver Plan in 1956, reducing rates for drivers with a low risk for a car accident.


In the early 1990’s, Progressive introduced a 24/7 customer and claims service, and, in 1995 the company became the first major auto group to launch a website. Just two years later, Progressive was again the first auto insurance company to allow customers to purchase their insurance online. MyRate came into being in 2008—Progressive’s innovative way to allow drivers to obtain a customized rate based on how they actually drive, thus allowing safe drivers to pay less for car insurance. Headquartered in Mayfield Village, a suburb of Cleveland, Progressive employs over 27,000 people in more than 600 offices across the nation.


Progressive Reviews

Customer satisfaction ratings for Progressive Insurance are average for auto insurance and average for home insurance, however there tends to be more auto insurance customer complaints about Progressive as compared to other auto insurers. Progressive is currently the fourth-largest auto insurance provider in the nation, but only ranks 15th on the rankings of the best car insurance companies.


What Causes Fatal Auto Accidents?

Vehicles which fail to stay in their own lane are often the cause of a fatal car accident. Whether a vehicle crosses the center line and hits another vehicle head on, or drifts out of its lane, hitting a car traveling next to it, the results can be calamitous. In fact, failing to maintain your own lane is the leading cause of fatal accidents, in Tennessee, and across the nation. According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the behaviors most likely to result in a fatal auto accident include:


  • Making an improper turn;
  • Driving recklessly;
  • Driving the wrong way;
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way;
  • Failing to maintain your own lane;
  • Overcorrecting, and
  • Failing to adjust to weather conditions, road conditions or obstructions in the road.


The primary reasons drivers leave their own lane is because they are performing another task, therefore are distracted, they are fatigued or sleepy, or they are impaired by alcohol or drugs. Fatigued or drowsy drivers are particularly prone to drifting out of their lane—one study found that those who drive while sleepy are linked to one-fifth of all fatal car accidents. If you have been injured by a negligent driver who was distracted, fatigued or impaired, it is important that you speak to a knowledgeable Tennessee car accident attorney as soon as possible. The state of Tennessee has a very short statute of limitations—one year—therefore your window of opportunity is relatively narrow. If you do not file a claim within that year, you could be forever barred from seeking compensation for your injuries. This could mean you are left having to pay for your medical expenses related to the accident, even though it was not your fault.


How Martinson & Beason Can Help After Your Auto Accident

Particularly if you are having to go through your own insurance coverage because the negligent driver was uninsured, or underinsured, having an attorney from Martinson & Beason by your side can ensure you receive a fair settlement. Our attorneys will work hard on your behalf, whether negotiating a fair settlement, or litigating in court. We understand that you may have serious injuries, perhaps even serious enough to keep you from returning to work. This leaves you not only with medical expenses, but facing your regular monthly financial obligations with no source of income. Our top-rated attorneys are committed to allowing you to heal from your injuries, while we take care of the legal aspects of your accident. If you are looking for compassion for your injuries, as well as an experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive litigator and/or negotiator, call Martinson & Beason today.

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