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Birmingham Alabama Teen to Be Charged as an Adult in Fatal Car Wreck

A deadly January 2009 Birmingham car accident caused by three fleeing burglary suspects has lead to the 19 year old driver being charged as an adult. According to the Birmingham News, a Jefferson County, Alabama court has ruled that Brandon Pauldin, (19) will be charged as an adult. Pauldin along with two others have been charged with intentional murder and various burglary charges. The trio was spotted burglarizing a home and when they attempted to flee their car was involved in a serious car wreck with Keith Shoemaker who was tragically killed in the accident.

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Birmingham Motorcycle Accident Results in Death of a Birmingham Alabama Man

A motorcycle wreck on 2nd Ave North in Birmingham has tragically resulted in the death of a Birmingham man. According to the Birmingham News report, the driver of the motorcycle was killed was killed this morning when the driver of small pick up truck evidently didn't see the motorcycle and turned into the…

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Alabama Truck Accident Injures Birmingham Man

A Birmingham Alabama man was injured in a truck wreck when his dump truck rolled over in a curve near Corridor X. According to the report from the Birmingham News, Birmingham rescue workers had to cut the driver out of the crushed truck cab. As Birmingham Truck Accident Attorneys we have seen numerous truck accidents…

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Unusual Alabama Truck Accident Leads to Death of Birmingham Man

Prattville Truck AccidentBirmingham, Alabama man was killed when his car was traveling the wrong way on Interstate 65 in Prattville and collided with an 18-wheeler. The truck accident occurred around 5 am and Alabama State Troopers aren't sure why the driver of the car was driving the wrong way on the interstate but blood samples from the victim could provide some answers. It's possible the driver of the car could have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It's also possible the driver could have gotten on to the interstate the wrong way. It's certainly a tragic accident that could have easily been avoided.

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Birmingham Alabama Car Accident Injuries Several

A Birmingham Alabama car wreck has sent seven people to the hospital. The car accident occurred on Tuesday May 12th on 5th Ave N and East Lake in Birmingham. According to the Birmingham Fox 6 news report, the car wreck was a head on collison between an SUV and truck. According to the…

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