Month: March 2022

Mo Show Live with Danielle Dozier

Mo Show Live - Danielle Dozier The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Friday, March 4th at 10 AM Central time and will feature guest Danielle Dozier from WHNT News 19. In this episode, Danielle will join Morris to discuss her journey to becoming the Chief Meteorologist for one of North Alabama’s top news stations and how to stay prepared for severe weather. If you’re a fan of WHNT News 19, you may have noticed a new face joining the team last fall. Danielle Dozier came to the WHNT news station in October 2021 as the new Chief Meteorologist leading the weather team. A Chesapeake, Virginia native, Danielle was fascinated by the frequent tropical systems that came through her area and developed a love of weather at an early age. After graduating from UNC Asheville, Danielle pursued her career as a meteorologist in Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh before her recent move to the North Alabama region, gaining the opportunity to experience all kinds of weather events from flooding to tornadoes, wildfires, snow storms, earthquakes and more.

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