Month: July 2017

Documents You Should Have Executed at an Initial Personal Injury Client Meeting

Signing DocumentsLaw school does not always prepare lawyers for the day-to-day realities of a legal practice, however, one key fact to remember is the better prepared you are the first time you meet with a new personal injury client, the better the entire relationship is likely to go. After all, when your organizational skills are apparent to your client, he or she is more apt to trust you—and your legal skills. If you, as an attorney, have done your due diligence on this new personal injury case, then you have already: checked out the scene of the accident, taken photographs at the scene, gone over the police report with a fine-tooth comb, looked into your client’s prior medical history, and performed an initial background search into both your client and the defendant. At this point, you are meeting with your client to execute necessary documents, including the following:

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Five Things a Personal Injury Lawyer Should Do Prior to a New Client Meeting

2-Car AccidentIn all likelihood, most lawyers will find that the reality of practicing law is somewhat different from the theory of practicing law, unless the attorney has some actual legal experience under his or her belt as a result of a college internship, or a paralegal job while preparing for law school. As an example, most attorneys don’t really understand that the average individual will strongly resist spending money on an attorney unless it is clear that significant consequences will result from failure to do so. Because of this, it is especially important that a personal injury attorney is fully organized and prepared when meeting a potential personal injury client—and that you are able to show the client the benefits of hiring you. The following five things an attorney should do prior to meeting with a new client to ensure you’re well prepared:

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The History of Northside Square and Martinson & Beason

Northside Square Huntsville, ALMartinson & Beason has been housed at 115 Northside Square in Downtown Huntsville since 1980, but both the firm and Northside Square have separate backgrounds that span over the course of Downtown Huntsville’s history.

Northside Square

Northside Square has existed for over 200 of years, and over the course of this time, countless shops and businesses have rented out the spaces. Photos of downtown Huntsville going back as far as the mid to late 1800s feature Northside Square, including this photo dating back to the Spanish-American War and this post card from the early 1800s. M&B History

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Meet Our Newest Intern – Shannon Mitchell

Martinson & Beason is pleased to recognize our newest summer intern, Shannon Mitchell. She is a Huntsville native and Grissom High School, graduate. Shannon is currently an upcoming junior at the University of Texas at Austin, studying both international relations and the Arabic language but has also attended the University…

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The Number of Car Accidents in the US on the Rise

Across the country, there have been an increase in car accidents and fatalities caused by car accidents. According to the Chicago Tribune, a new study was released that attempts to link the legalization of marijuana to the increase in accidents in states that have allowed for recreational use of the drug. The results of this study by the Highway Loss Data Institute claim that there has been a 2.7% increase in car accidents in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado since they legalized marijuana. However, many skeptics of this study indicate that the study did not consider other factors that could have led to this spike in accidents, such as the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads in those states. In fact, other research has established that behaviors such as distracted driving are bigger factors in the increase of crashes nationwide.

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