Month: December 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Bad Weather Driving

Winter DrivingAlabama typically has very mild winters, with temperatures rarely getting below freezing. It’s rare that we have snow or even freezing rain. However, snowstorms can still happen in Alabama; in fact, one happened in January of this year. This freak storm left thousands of motorists throughout the Deep South—particularly in Georgia and Alabama—stranded on the highway for hours, unable to get home from work or pick up their children from school. Many people holed up in the cars for the night, while others walked miles to get home, simply abandoning their cars. The gridlock was so bad in Atlanta that one woman, unable to reach a hospital, delivered her baby on the side of the road,. (Fortunately, her husband and a police officer were there to help her deliver.) Alabama’s Interstate 65 was littered was cars and semi-trucks that had been involved in accidents caused by the icy roads. According to a Fox News article covering the situation, Alabama State Troopers identified five people killed and at least 23 injured in accidents attributable to the weather. In Georgia, 130 injuries and one death from more than 1,000 accidents were related to the weather.

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