Month: September 2011

Tramatic Brain Injury and the VA

It seems that almost every Huntsville, Alabama resident knows a veteran. After all,Redstone Arsenal has been a steadfast part of the North Alabama and Huntsville Community for 70 years! Unfortunately, many of these veterans are returning home with disabilities. One of the most significant disabilities is Traumatic Brain Injury or "TBI". More and more veterans are returning home with TBI and some don't even know it until much later in life.

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Huntsville Residents Have Fewer Car Accidents

According to a recent report by Allstate Insurance Company, Huntsville, Alabama is the 5th safest driving city in the country. The report ranks America's 200 largest cities in terms of motor vehicle accident frequency. Last year, Huntsville was ranked 8th. The report estimates, that drivers in Huntsville will be involved in a car wreck every 12.3 years. The national average is every 10 years. Birmingham drivers have a collision every 11.2 years, while drivers in Mobile and Montgomery are estimated to be involved in an accident every 11.1 years.

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Labor Day Holiday Car Accident Statistics for Alabama’s Roadways

The Labor Day weekend is upon us and that means people are going to be hitting Alabama's highways. Not only is this a long weekend, but it is the first weekend of college football and both Alabama and Auburn play home games this weekend. We want to encourage everyone to take a few safety measures for traveling this weekend that could prevent an accident or save your life: • Buckle Up • Obey the posted speed limit

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