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M&B Live: Attorney Joel Dilorenzo on the Zantac® Drug Recall

photo of morris with joel dilorenzo

Join Martinson & Beason attorney Morris Lilienthal and attorney Joel Dilorenzo for a discussion on the Zantac® drug recall on Wednesday, August 26th at 11:00 AM (CST). Through an interactive question and answer format, Morris and Joel will be discussing why the medication was recalled, what dangers it poses to those who consumed it, and the current litigation against the manufacturers of Zantac®

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Stay Safe: Get Recall Alerts

recall alertsIt seems that you can’t turn on the news these days without seeing another story about a vehicle defect and recall. General Motors alone has recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles this past year. The company’s delayed and mishandled recall of vehicles with defective ignition switches resulted in the deaths of 13 people (and the injuries of who knows how many others), leading to sanctions by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Most recently, GM has recalled nearly 200,000 Saturn Vue SUVs over a fire risk. Chrysler also issued a recall to fix an ignition switch defect in their Town & Country minivans, Dodge Grand Caravans, Dodge Journey crossovers, Jeep Commanders, and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs.

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GM Receives $35 Million Fine for Botching Recall

Chevy Cobalt | Car Accident Lawyer | AlabamaGeneral Motors has been in the news in recent months because of its appalling mishandling of its ignition switch defect and recall. The defect in the ignition switch of several different GM vehicles, including the Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac Solstice, and Saturn Ion, allowed the switch to move from the “On” position into “Off” or “Accessory” mode if the key was too heavy. This put drivers in danger, as the defect could disable the airbags, anti-lock brakes, and power steering while the car is in motion. In fact, the GM ignition switch defect has been clearly linked to the deaths of 13 people and dozens more accidents.

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GM Recalls Cadillacs

Cadillac | Car Accident Lawyer | Huntsville, AL | Martinson & Beason, P.C.It hasn’t been a good couple of months for GM: the automaker has been under fire both in the media and in Congress. Lawmakers have accused the company of orchestrating a cover-up during the past decade to avoid paying for a defect present in millions of cars and have questioned the head of GM during a Congressional Hearing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined the company for failing to answer its questions. And the U.S. Justice Department has begun a criminal investigation. Now, on top of all this, GM is issuing another recall.

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GM under Investigation for Recall

GM Recalls Cars | Personal Injury Lawyer | Huntsville, AL | Martinson & Beason, P.C.In February, GM issued a recall for 1.4 million cars because of a defect in the ignition switch. This defect caused the car to switch off, thereby disabling the airbags and other safety features. More than 30 crashes and 13 deaths have been attributed to the defect. Unfortunately, GM knew about the defect for more than a decade but chose not to act. Why would they do this?

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New Recalls by Johnson & Johnson Raise Concerns

Drug Recall | Product Liability Lawyer | Huntsville, AL | Martinson & Beason, P.C.Last month, Johnson & Johnson recalled one lot of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal Consta and 200,000 bottles of liquid Motrin for infants. The recall was done because the medications were found to have mold (in the case of Risperdal) and small plastic particles (in the case of Motrin), according to the New York Times. Unfortunately, this is not the first recall from Johnson & Johnson in recent years. In fact, the company has been plagued with quality control problems for the past several years. In 2010, a Congressional hearing was called to look into Johnson & Johnson.

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