Month: March 2016

Support Team Will: Donate, Walk, and Share

[caption id="attachment_7096" align="alignright" width="550"] 5 year-old Wyatt Lilienthal Slams It Home for the March of Dimes![/caption] At Martinson & Beason, we strongly believe it is important to give back to the community that has supported us for nearly 80 years. The March of Dimes: March for Babies event is an…

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Tips to Avoid Making an Accident Even Worse

Before a driver ever even gets their license, there is a strict set of rules and expectations that are explained to them. Whether it be at the DMV, in a defensive driving course, or simply through life experience, the perils of driving recklessly are well-communicated to most people before they ever get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, some of these tips, tricks, and rules become an afterthought after several years of driving experience. One of the most dangerous things that a driver can possess is a sense of invincibility, and reckless driving is typically a product of someone who forgets how severely one mistake can change their entire life.

Understanding the Rules of the Road

One of the most obvious yet abused rules of the road is simple: do not, under any circumstances, drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol may get most of the attention in the conversation about DUIs, but there are many more substances that can impair your ability to safely operate a vehicle. Even painkillers, which are typically prescribed by a doctor, can markedly inhibit your driving capabilities.

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8 Tips to Improve Cybersecurity [Infographic]

  For more information on cybersecurity be sure to read our detailed post here.

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M&B Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Arising Out of I-565 Truck Accident

M&B attorney Morris Lilienthal and Chris Glover of the Beasley Allen firm have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Alabama federal court arising out of a February 12th 18-wheeler accident. The accident occurred when the driver of a tractor-trailer, Albert Villearreal, was traveling westbound on I-565 and his truck veered…

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