Month: February 2016

Recent Accidents in Huntsville Area Shine Light on Importance of Seatbelt Use

Car accidents can devastate the lives of those involved. But one thing that can lessen or stop the devastation is a seatbelt. In September 2015, a passenger died in a single-vehicle crash on Alabama 251 near Ardmore. The passenger died after the vehicle left the road and overturned. He was…

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Motorcyclist Killed in Collision with 18-Wheeler

A man in his mid-20s who was riding his motorcycle on U.S. 412 [in Huntsville] tried to pass an 18-wheeler. While attempting to pass, he almost hit an oncoming vehicle and, while trying to merge back into the lane, collided with the front of the 18-wheeler and died instantly. The…

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Driver Cut Out of Vehicle after Head-On Collision

Picture1In November 2015, the drivers of a Ford Mustang and an empty fuel tanker suffered injuries in a head-on collision on Huntsville-Brownsferry Road. Firefighters had to cut both the side and roof off the Mustang to get the occupant out. Police reported that both drivers were conscious at the scene and neither appeared to have life-threatening injuries. Both drivers were brought to Athens-Limestone Hospital.

What can cause a head-on collision?

Head-on collisions, one of the most dangerous types of accidents, seem as though they would be the most avoidable of all because the driver should theoretically be able to see what is coming at him. But, of course, these accidents still do occur for a number of reasons.

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