Month: September 2012

Despite Ample Evidence, Many Americans Consider Themselves Safe Drivers

Most Americans appear to have a high opinion of themselves as drivers, with the vast majority rating themselves as having safe driving practices. Research shows that there's a funny disconnect between what Americans admit they do behind the wheel and how they view themselves as drivers. Most drivers believe they are excellent behind the wheel, despite freely admitting to dangerous driving practices. As part of new research that was commissioned by Ford, researchers interviewed more than 2,500 Americans with driving licenses. The subjects were all over 18 years old, and came from 18 different cities.

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Can you control your heirs from beyond the grave in Alabama?

Alabama estate planning attorney - Controlling your heirs from the graveThe Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article last weekend examining the extent to which gift givers can exert control over their heirs once they are dead and gone. The article reveals several things that might surprise you given the scope of control that can be included in the language of trusts and wills. The Journal explained that the issue is of special importance given the unusually favorable estate and gift tax rules that are set to soon expire. Currently, the exemption is $5.12 million per person, and twice that for a couple.

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